Christianity 101

An Online Course for You

If you think it is time to review the basics, or if you know someone who is interested in learning the basics of the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective, then here is a Bible study for you. Simply watch the lesson by clicking on the link below.  These lessons were prepared by Pastor Lassman of Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle. We extend our thanks to him and the people of Messiah Lutheran for allowing us to use their website version of this course.

Below the link to this web course is a series of links to additional resources which I prepared to augment each of Pastor Lassman’s classes. You may access these materials by clicking on corresponding links.

If you have any questions about what you see or read, please don’t hesitate in contacting me, Pastor Dan Abraham, at 519-909-8218 or at

To access Pastor Lassman’s 15 website lessons click here.

To retrieve my handouts for each of these lessons click on the link below.

Lesson 1:  Christ and the Bible

Lesson 1 Handout, Joyful Exchange, The Trinity, Luther’s Small Catechism, God is Triune

Lesson 2:  God and Creation

Lesson 2 Handout,  Answers to 4 Big Questions on Evolution, Biblical Names for God

Lesson 3:  Angels and Sin

Lesson 3 Handout

Lesson 4:  The Ten Commandments, part 1

Lesson 4 Handout

Lesson 5:  The Ten Commandments, part 2

Lesson 5 Handout

Lesson 6:  Jesus Christ, part 1

Lesson 6 Handout, Ancient Heresies, Chart’s on Jesus Life & Work, Jesus is Jehovah, The Imperfect Sacrifice, The Perfect Sacrifice, Who is This Man

Lesson 7:  Jesus Christ, part 2

Lesson 7 Handout

Lesson 8:  The Holy Spirit

Lesson 8 Handout, Charts on The Holy Spirit, God’s Spiritual Rehab, Justification & Sanctification, The Holy Spirit & The Bible, You Have Been Born Again

Lesson 9:  Justification

Lesson 9 Handout, Delivering The Gospel, From Abuse to Joy, In Order That You May Know, Jesus Gave Gifts, Q&A, The Joyful Exchange, We Have Never

Lesson 10:  Holy Baptism

Lesson 10 Handout

Lesson 11:  The Lord’s Supper

Lesson 11 Handout, Beware of The Devil, Catechism Summary, Hold God’s Word, Lo, I Am With You

Lesson 12:  The Church

Lesson 12 Handout, Delivering The Gospel, Ordination of Women, The Joyful Exchange, Other Denominations

Lesson 13: Prayer

Lesson 13 Handout, Declared Righteous, He Who Did Not, If You Need Prayer, Pray This Way, Let The Word of Christ, Never Forsake Assembling, Sanctify the Holy Day, What is Worship, Worship Begins

Lesson 14:  The Last Things

Lesson 14 Handout, Cremation, Funeral Arrangements, The Dead Will Rise, Recognize Your Loved Ones

Lesson 15:  More Last Things

Lesson 15 Handout, Outline of Revelation, Beware of Popular Opinions, Christ Holds Your Future, Important Bible Figures, Millenial Views, Six Visions, Symbols, The End Times, Understanding Revelation


God’s grace and peace to you,
Pastor Dan


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