From the Pastor

Thank you again for checking out our website.

God, religion, is a scary thing for many people.  Websites provide a safe way of learning what others think without any direct personal contact which could leave a person feeling uncomfortable.

It is our desire at St. Peter’s Lutheran to give you the opportunity to check us out in a safe way.  We have designed this website with that in mind.  You can listen to one of my past sermons, or email me a question.  A phone call is always welcome. 

The bulk of the resources on our site are not our own (the sermons are mine). They are from other Lutheran congregations or ministries.  We have included them on our site because we share the same beliefs.  That’s exciting in its own way.  Our faith, beliefs, are a global thing!  Our congregation may be your next door neighbour but our God is everywhere.

In fact, I would love it if you gave me a call 519-909-8218 or drop me a line at

God’s grace and peace to you,

Pastor Dan

St. Peter's Lutheran Church


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