News & Events

Updated February 9, 2019

This Week at a Glance

Sun., Feb. 10  *   9:00 –  Bible Study: Living a Life of Significance

* 10:30 –  Holy Communion

Mon., Feb. 11  *   6:30 –  Elders’ Meeting

*   7:30 –  Council Meeting

*   8:30 –  Strategic Planning Study & Discussion Time

Wed., Feb. 13 *    9:00 (?) – Cooking Bee for COS’ Emergency Meal Program

*    2:00 –  Worship: Maple Lodge

Thurs., Feb. 14 *   1:30 –  Euchre Group
Sun., Feb. 17  *   9:00 –  Bible Study: Living a Life of Significance

* 10:30 –  Prayer & Preaching

*  11:45 – Coffee Hour (set up by LWML, for by everyone)

*    2:00 – Worship: Cedar Crossing (move to February 24)


Help Needed with Pancake Supper…
On March 5 at 7:00pm St. Peter’s is hosting Thomas Bailey, a speaker with Creation
Ministries International. Prior to his presentation, St. Peter’s is hosting a “Shrove
Tuesday Pancake Supper.” As scheduling would have it, a number of our Elders will be
out of town on business. Soooo, the Elders need your help to host this supper. If you are
able to help with the Pancake Supper, please speak with David Campbell, asap.

Medical Missions Needs Your Help!
In your mailboxes, you will find a bag with information on the types of items they
so desperately need. Please prayerfully consider providing a couple of items (or more if
you are able) for this critical mission work. Please place your items in the plastic bags
and drop them in the bin in the narthex by Sunday, February 24. The LWML will be
sorting the items at their meeting on February 26. Thank you!

The LWML will again be Assisting the Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre with their annual baby bottle campaign. Please pick up your bottle and help to support this much-needed organization. Cash or cheques made out to the NPC will be happily accepted. Bottles are due back by the end of February.

Baby Bottle Fundraising Campaign – Norfolk Pregnancy Centre
The Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre (NPC) is a faith based not for
profit outreach ministry serving Norfolk County. NPC offer a safe place of hope and
healing for women, for men and their families facing crisis pregnancies, crisis parenting
and related concerns such as poverty, mental health issues, additions and more. NPC
staff and volunteers are dedicated to saving lives and building homes of honor in our
community. The Baby Bottle Fundraiser is a practical way to support a local mission that
helps save women and their families who are broken, lost and alone.  It is easy to
participate!  Just pick up a bottle and fill it with coins, cash or a cheque and make a
positive difference for women, for men, … for families right here in Norfolk County.

Consider this during our “sweater weather.” It is true we might get the odd T-shirt
day but really for the next few months, we need to don sweaters to keep us warm.
It could also be a time when people in your circle might need you to offer them a
“heart sweater.” Don’t panic if you lack skills with knitting needles, crochet hooks, or
sewing machines. The “heart sweater” is a text message, email, social media private
message, phone call or even an old school handwritten note to someone who needs to
know you are thinking of them.
And remember to do up the “top button” of the “heart sweater.” Remind them that
God cares for them, too.
You may also need a “heart sweater” for yourself. Sing or hum a favorite hymn,
speak a Bible verse (say it out loud), or pray the Lord’s Prayer (again, out loud). And
remember to do up that “top button.” Say to yourself (yes, out loud) “God cares for me,
too.” From the Christian Growth Committee of Lutheran Women’ss Missionary League-Canada

Monthly Calendars
Starting in February Cyndy Stickl will be putting together the monthly calendars.
If you have any events to put on the church’s activity calendar, please phone (519-443-
8542) or email ( ) Cyndy.

Monthly Newsletter
By the beginning of March, maybe sooner, the Sunday bulletin will no longer have
announcements in it. All announcement will be put into a month (bi-monthly?)
newsletter. If you have any info going forward, please email it to Pastor Dan
( ) AND TO Marlene Wilson ( )

WANTED: A Coordinator for Prayer Ministry
We are looking for a person who will coordinate our “Prayer Family Ministry,”
our “Praying for Young Families Ministry,” and to prepare our monthly prayer calendars.
If you have computer skills and are good on the phone, please speak with Pastor Dan.




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