News & Events

Updated January 1, 2019

Attention All Crafters… (knit/crochet/needlework etc.) Are you looking for an opportunity to gather with other crafters to share fellowship, ideas, resources, knowledge and tips?  Are you interested in forming a group here at St Peter’s? Start-up Date:  January 2019. If you are, please contact Marlene Wilson at 519-443-8438 or email

Cleaning the Church…  Our janitor, Tammy Burt, is having back surgery the middle of December and will be off work until the middle of February.  We therefore need to come up with a temporary solution.  As such we have two options.  We can either donate more money or do the work ourselves.  It costs approximately $100 per week to hire someone to clean for us.  It takes 6 to 8 hours per week for one person to clean the entire church.  To that end, there is a volunteer signup sheet on the bulletin board.  Each week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. You may volunteer for as many weeks as you want or pay for as many weeks as you want.

Cabbage Rolls for Sale…  There are maybe 20 dozens cabbage rolls left. If you would like to buy some, please speak with Judy Ziegler or Cyndy Stickl.  They are selling for $18 per dozen.

Update from Annual Voters Meeting…  One of significant changes agreed to at our last Voters’ Meeting is effective January 1, 2019 we will no longer have a paid office secretary; it will now be a voluntary position.  We want to thank Laurie Schaeffer for her many, many years of faithful service to our congregation and our Lord.  If helping in the office is something which interests you, please speak with Pastor Dan who has a sheet outlining the various responsibilities which can easily be divided among several people.  We will meet with all who are interested earlier in January to divide up the duties.

Please see the Pamphlet on ‘Child Euthanasia’…  in your mailbox. On the bulletin board in the foyer is a petition to the Federal Government opposing this expansion in Canadian law

Lutheran Catechetic Family Camp…  If the theme, “What is Worship?” appeals to you, then this camp is a perfect summer vacation at Camp Pioneer in Angola, NY. With two daily plenary sessions, age-specific Bible studies, and a session directed to Young Adults led by Pastors and Seminary Professors (CLTS), this camp is not only open to families but singles and couples of all ages. Just make sure to bring your Bibles and hymnals! For more info, download the poster at (select calendar then event date) or email

LCC National Youth Gathering…  It is time to seriously start planning for your youth to attend the LCC National Youth Gathering at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, July 5 to 9, 2019. Final planning for this event will take place this summer.  To find out more about our presenters and musicians check out our website at Also check our website and Facebook page “2019 LCC National Youth Gathering” for continuous updates as we provide you with current information that you will need to know before coming to the Gathering.  Rev. Glenn Worcester has created an updated video which you can view at You can also email questions to co-chair Tony Marchand


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